What Our Customers are Saying

“I discovered these delicious morsels at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Party Arty, then was delighted to find them in the Kansas City Fashion Week swag bags. Can’t wait to see where they pop up next — like my Easter Basket!”

Katie Van Luchene

KC Magazine

“A vendor sent us a box for the holidays and they were the best thing we ever ate”

Sarah A.


“Because it was my first time trying a brigadeiro, I had no memory to associate with the flavor. And I was still stumped about how to phrase my enchantment; “caramel-fudge wads,” for instance, doesn’t fully capture the essence, though “magic sparkle balls” comes a bit closer”

Angela Lutz

Food writer , The Picth

“The brigadeiros from Sweet Kiss Brigadeiro are amazing! Although I am not Brazilian I fell in love with these amazing sweets! Sweet Kiss has a variety of flavors and the presentation is impeccable. Recommend them for any occasion 100%.”

Diana Restrepo

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